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CISECO XBee Shield


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Tags: xbee, communications

This new and improved shield has extra features employed to fix those niggles within the existing XBee shield designs and offer more to the RF beginner.

The spare space on the board has additional tracks for the easy addition of a range of basic devices to complete a fully functioning wireless sensor.

Changes compared to the standard XBee shield:

  • Supports 3.3v and 5v processors (simple jumper selction)
  • No more 10 second wait at power up that many boards suffer.
  • No need to remove the board when doing a download (YES no more unplugging!) nor changing jumpers or flipping switches, the RX/TX lines are automatically isolated. You don't need to do anything it does it for you, automatically.
  • Sleep function that completely powers off the XBee, concurrently isolates RX/TX too (this facility seriously helps in debugging over a terminal window)
  • Takes power from the left hand connector rather than the AVR programming header, this means any Arduino shaped board should be supported, Cortino, Amicus, Xduino, Illuminato Genesis, Metaboard, Wiseduino, ARMmite PRO, Unduino, etc.
  • Just 3 pins in use, RX/TX and pin 8 to wake/sleep. (both can be modified to use other pins)
  • XBee power on/sleep status indicator LED.
  • RSSI or Assoc. indicator LED.
  • Relocation of the XBee providing better reception for longer range and easier access.
  • Easy access pads for testing connections "off shield" eg on a breadboard.
  • Breaks out VCC,GND,DIN & DOUT to 4x 2.54mm spaced pads.
  • Every I/O pin has a secondary solder pad to allow for easy modification and construction of your projects.
  • No components where the Arduino USB port is located, this means it sits flatter and can even be cut out if required.

Open Source: Unknown
License: Unknown
Source: Unknown

D13 / SCK
D12 / MISO
3.3V D10 / SS ~
5V D9 ~
D6 ~
A0D5 ~
A2D3 ~
A4D1 / TX
A5D0 / RX
D8 is used to turn on the XBee power. Can be easily relocated by unsoldering an SMT jumper.

All existing code examples for other shields (official, DF etc) will work once D8 is powered.

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